Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers

Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers



Have you been to the Chandler Museum recently? When was the last time you visited the Chandler Fashion Center or took a stroll through the Downtown Chandler Art Walk? Are uncontrolled debts stealing time away from the activities you once enjoyed with your family? Is your life on hold indefinitely because of escalating financial problems? Have you considered filing for a Chandler bankruptcy but don’t know where to turn for trustworthy legal advice?



Hiring the Best Chandler Bankruptcy Attorneys

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Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers

The Pew Law Center, PLLC, is your debt relief law firm. We provide excellent and affordable bankruptcy representation through the firm’s founder and managing attorney, Chandler bankruptcy lawyer Lawrence ‘D’ Pew.

We strive to make a positive, long-lasting, financial difference in every one of our client’s lives. When you meet with us, we will explain how the Pew Law Center’s Chandler bankruptcy lawyers can help you get the new financial beginning you hope for. You’ll have a fresh start – imagine your life without the burden of crushing debt, unreasonable interest rates, and excessive penalties on late payments. Our local bankruptcy attorneys will protect your rights and put an end to the constant harassment of creditors and collection agencies.

Do you have ongoing health problems and medical expenses? Did you lose your job? Are you behind on your mortgage and face foreclosure? Are you struggling with the cost of divorce? Is your lender threatening to repossess your vehicle? Your Chandler bankruptcy attorney, Lawrence ‘D’ Pew, represents people just like you who face insurmountable debts, including delinquent student loans, civil money judgments, wage garnishments, home foreclosures, vehicular repossessions, back tax liabilities, credit card debts, landlord evictions, and more.



Chandler Tax Attorneys

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The Pew Law Center, PLLC, is a respected tax relief law firm, providing comprehensive tax representation by Chandler tax attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Pew. Our accomplished Chandler tax lawyers strategize to minimize the taxes our clients’ owe.  We accomplish this while protecting our clients’ assets from IRS tax liens and levies on taxpayer property.

Our Chandler tax attorneys will prepare and file your tax returns and negotiate with the IRS when you owe back taxes. Are you currently under investigation by the IRS? Have you been notified of an audit by an IRS agent? Your Chandler tax lawyer will be there to represent your interests and protect your taxpayer rights against the IRS. With the personalized tax representation provided by the Pew Law Center, you will soon be enjoying more stress-free time with your family.



Chandler Tax Lawyers

Whatever debt problems bring you to us for help, there is no shame or blame here at the Pew Law Center. We are dedicated to providing you with a level of quality service that far exceeds our competition. When we resolve all of your debt issues, through bankruptcy and tax advocacy, you will regain peace of mind knowing that the future is bright once again.

  • We offer you a FREE VIP Bankruptcy or Tax Relief Consultation with an experienced Arizona attorney.
  • We provide personalized tax and bankruptcy representation when you need it.
  • We offer reasonable rates with manageable payment plans as part of our pre-bankruptcy planning service and tax relief service.
  • We custom-tailor our services to your needs and circumstances.

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