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3 Things Other Bankruptcy Lawyers in Arizona Won’t Tell You

things bankruptcy lawyers won't tell youWhen you visit the Pew Law Center, PLLC, and meet with a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona  — Lawrence ‘D’ Pew — you can count on getting the legal facts you need to make informed decisions about your financial future. Unlike some other bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona who won’t tell you everything you need to know, Lawrence ‘D’ Pew explains the laws, gives you the details, and provides you with options. Here are three things another bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona won’t tell you, but we will!

The FIRST thing a Pew Law Center Bankruptcy Lawyer in Arizona tells you…

Just because you are eligible to file for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, doesn’t mean you should. In fact, says bankruptcy lawyer Lawrence ‘D’ Pew, you might be much better off financially by filing for protection from creditors under Chapter 13, especially if you have non-exempt assets that you want to keep.

Filing Chapter 7 (liquidation) may be easier and faster for the bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona, but it isn’t always the best option for the client. Yes, Chapter 7 is often the preferred type of bankruptcy for many individuals and is the swiftest path to eliminating most debts — you start over, move on, and get a fresh start after the court orders a discharge. But in some circumstances, a Chapter 13 (individual debt reorganization) is a better alternative for the consumer debtor, even though a three to five year plan is put into place to repay certain creditors.

What another bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona might not tell you is that, under Chapter 13, you won’t be required to pay to all your creditors back. Furthermore, the creditors you do pay under the plan will only receive a small percentage of what you originally owed them prior to the bankruptcy. Your secured and unsecured creditors will only receive a small portion of what you pay each month under your plan. And what you pay each month is determined not by what you owe, but by what you can afford to pay. When the Chapter 13 repayment plan is complete, you will still receive a discharge of personal liability, just as with a Chapter 7!

The SECOND thing a Pew Law Center Bankruptcy Lawyer in Arizona tells you…

The bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona who claims that all Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petitioners are the same is simply wrong. We know from experience that every case is unique! At the Pew Law Center, one size does not fit all. Every person’s situation is unique with special concerns and issues to address. Every person has specific factual circumstances that make his or her bankruptcy very different from anyone else’s. Yet many a bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona will treat every case as if it were the same, pushing clients into a chapter when they have other, better, options available to them under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

Lawrence ‘D’ Pew, who is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona, explains to each client precisely what the Pew Law Center can do to really maximize the benefits available in their case. Certainly, one of our primary objectives is to help wipe away the client’s debts, but our goal doesn’t end there. We also strive to place each client on solid financial ground for the future, so that he or she never has to go through this process again.

The THIRD thing a Pew Law Center Bankruptcy Lawyer in Arizona tells you…

A less knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona may say that bankruptcy will not stop the IRS from collecting taxes. Lawrence ‘D’ Pew is a bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona who knows that certain clients may indeed seek discharge of back taxes with bankruptcy. Bear in mind that the taxes must meet certain qualifications to be discharged. Here at the Pew Law Center, we also practice tax relief and tax resolution, so we know best – bankruptcy can stop the IRS from collecting taxes.

When a client has overdue taxes, we conduct a complete analysis of the facts and, should the back taxes meet specific criteria, Lawrence ‘D’ Pew will negotiate with the IRS to reduce those taxes. But if negotiations with the IRS don’t provide the right results for the taxpayer, then we seek a discharge of back taxes under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. For many individuals, filing for bankruptcy is the best approach to dealing with massive back taxes.

When more recent taxes are involved and cannot be discharged, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can still help prevent the IRS from levying on a bank account or garnishing wages. Filing for bankruptcy stops the IRS from further collection efforts and gives the petitioner three to five years to pay off taxes under an affordable court-approved repayment plan.


what a bankruptcy lawyer will not tell youWhen you look for a bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona, contact the Pew Law Center, PLLC, first. With our offices conveniently located in Mesa, we provide unsurpassed bankruptcy representation and advocacy to area residents throughout the Valley and surrounding communities. With strong leadership from founder and bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona Lawrence ‘D’ Pew, we provide unmatched legal advocacy to individuals needing relief from out-of-control debts and protection from creditors and bill collectors.

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