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5 More Reasons to Hire Our Team of Bankruptcy Lawyers in Arizona

reasons to hire bankruptcy lawyersGetting the best results from your bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona is an important goal for every individual who seeks debt relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. There are many keys to a successful bankruptcy, starting with good communication between the client and the bankruptcy lawyers. In Arizona, the Pew Law Center is passionate about helping good people get a fresh start by protecting assets and eliminating debts. Here are five more reasons why the Pew Law Center is your select team of bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona.

1.  Our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona focus on exceptional customer service.

Every member of our legal team will treat you with respect – there is no shame or blame with the Pew Law Center’s bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona. When you telephone, we’ll answer your call or voice mail message the very same day – you will never be forgotten or ignored. If the attorney is in court or is unable to call you back right away, then a trusted member of our staff will return you call and offer assistance.

2. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona focus exclusively on bankruptcy and tax relief.

Because our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona focus their practice on both bankruptcy and tax relief, they can anticipate when a significant tax liability will result from the forgiveness of a debt by the bank or credit card company. In addition to our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona, the Pew Law Center staff is very knowledgeable about bankruptcy and tax as well. When your call us, your questions will be answered!

3. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona offer flat rates and flexible payment schedules.

We know that setting aside money to pay for court costs and attorney fees in preparation for bankruptcy is challenging. We offer flexible payment schedules for those clients who need a little time to pay the necessary fees. Certainly, many clients will pay all of the costs at once and up front. Some clients tell us they were afraid to schedule an appointment until they had all of the money ready to pay for the bankruptcy. But there is no reason to wait before meeting with us. Many of our clients choose a flexible payment plan, which we can work out for any budget. When the fees are paid in full, we prepare the client’s bankruptcy petition for filing.

When you meet with our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona, all of the fees and costs will be explained to you along with your payment options. Because our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona charge a flat rate for each kind of bankruptcy, you will know precisely what the cost for your bankruptcy will be before you finish the initial FREE VIP Bankruptcy Consultation.

4. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona are available for day, evening, night, and Saturday appointments.

If you or your spouse are working during the day and, consequently, cannot commit to a mid-day or early morning appointment, then you can schedule your FREE VIP Bankruptcy Consultation for the evening or even at night when necessary. You can arrange to meet with our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona on a Saturday as well. To better serve or clients, the Pew Law Center remains open late every day of the week. When you arrive at our offices, you will speak directly to one of our bankruptcy lawyers inArizona. You can expect your initial appointment to take about an hour.

5. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Here is how the Pew Law Center’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee works:  If the court does not accept your bankruptcy filing because of an error on the part of our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona, then we will refund 100% of your money, including the filing fee. (The Pew Law Center does not warranty, guarantee, or predict outcomes of any legal matter.)

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Reasons to hire bankruptcy lawyersAt the Pew Law Center, PLLC, our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona  represent clients who need debt relief and a fresh start. We take pride in the work we do, in our high level of expertise, in our professionalism, and in our outstanding customer service. So contact us today and learn how our bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona can resolve your debt problems through bankruptcy. When you call us at 480-719-1479, we will schedule a FREE VIP Consultation for you. You don’t need to keep your life on hold any longer. Just give us a call, and we’ll get you back on solid ground.

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Pew has been an awesome firm to work with. They are very sensitive, even through a bankruptcy that was complicated by a decision to divorce in the middle of it. They are rofessional and efficient, but equally personable and a joy to work with. I could not ecommend them more highly!

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