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know your rights in a bankruptcy case

Know Your Rights

End creditor harassment and foreclosure actions with one telephone call to our law firm. Do not let embarrassment or fear of judgment stop you. You are not alone. Assert your legal right to bankruptcy by contacting the Pew Law Center, PLLC. Our Arizona Bankruptcy law firm focuses on the following area:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You have rights and our job is to assert those rights in bankruptcy court. From verses in the Bible to historical documents created by our founding fathers, bankruptcy goes back centuries. It allows you to rid yourself of debt and provide a better life for your family while keeping your most valuable and treasured assets.

Do not be ashamed. Do not live in fear of creditors’ constant telephone calls. You can stop lawsuits and resolve tax problems by filing bankruptcy. Contact the Pew Law Center, PLLC, at 480-745-1506.

A Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer Fighting for Your Rights

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The stigma attached to bankruptcy is not what it used to be. Do not let misconceptions prevent you from filing bankruptcy. You can keep your home and even strip away a second mortgage. You can stop repossession of your car and have it returned with smaller payments attached to it.

We can make so-called limited options seem limitless.

Prebankruptcy Planning

Do not let debt control your life. Being proactive in calling us is an important first step. From there, we take an equally proactive approach in prebankruptcy planning. You have a future to think of for yourself and your children. Taking the time to prepare prior to a bankruptcy filing can bring financial stability, allowing you to enjoy life after bankruptcy.

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