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Financial Struggles? Here’s How Our Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys Help


Are overdue bills stealing time away from the activities you once enjoyed with your family? Did you have to break your promise to buy the family home game tickets to the Diamondbacks? Have you given up on a vacation to the Grand Canyon because of mounting personal debt? Is a simple camping trip to Prescott National Forest with your children now impossible because of money concerns? Is your financial situation forcing you to put precious family time on hold — indefinitely?

When you seek debt relief assistance from the Pew Law Center, we will explain how our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers can help you achieve a fresh financial start. Not only will we protect your interests and assets, we will get you out from under over burdensome debt. We’ll put a stop to creditor harassment once and for all.

Are you struggling with health issues and medical expenses? Have you lost wages? Are you in default on your mortgage? Is your home threatened with foreclosure? Has your car been repossessed? Lawrence ‘D’ Pew has helped a number of people just like you throughout Phoenix, AZ.  Lawrence ‘D’ Pew, your Arizona bankruptcy lawyer, represents people who have debt problems that they cannot resolve alone, including: back taxes, delinquent student loans, civil money judgments, home foreclosures, auto repossessions, unmanageable credit card debt, landlord evictions, and garnished wages, to name only a few.

How Does The Bankruptcy Filing Process Work?

bankruptcy LawsIf you are filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix, you need to understand that it is a complicated process. The decision to file for bankruptcy and the type of bankruptcy to file should not be easy decisions. You certainly shouldn’t make these decisions based on how much they cost. Bankruptcy is a step you take to get a fresh start, to turn your life in a positive direction. Choose the right bankruptcy attorney based on knowledge, experience and expertise.

There are a few mistakes that are best avoided if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy:

  • Do not take out high-interest loans, home equity loans or second mortgages. This is because you may not be able to discharge any debts you accrue just before filing for bankruptcy. High-interest loans, in particular, may land you deeper in the hole making it difficult for you to even make the minimum monthly payments you need to make to stay afloat.
  • Never write checks you know will not clear your bank, particularly when you know you don’t even enough money. You may not be able to discharge debts accrued in this manner either during a bankruptcy.
  • You need to file bankruptcy before creditors take action. When you do so, you can prevent serious actions such as repossession of a vehicle, foreclosure of a home or wage garnishment.
  • Don’t withdraw money from your retirement accounts to pay off debts that can be discharged in a bankruptcy. Retirement accounts are generally protected from your creditors’ claims. When you file bankruptcy you may be able to keep all the funds you have in your retirement accounts.
  • Don’t transfer property out of your name. A bankruptcy trustee can undo transfers of real estate or personal property that were made within four years of the day you file bankruptcy if they determine that you did so with the intent to hinder, delay or defraud your creditors.

How Can a Phoenix Tax Attorney Help Me?

Phoenix Bankruptcy LawyersThe Pew Law Center is a leading tax relief law firm, providing unparalleled tax representation from firm owner Lawrence ‘D’ Pew and his associates. Our accomplished Phoenix tax lawyers execute detailed plans to minimize the taxes clients’ owe while protecting their assets from IRS seizure.

Pew Law Center’s Phoenix tax attorneys will prepare and file your tax returns and negotiate with the IRS when you owe back taxes. If you are being audited or are under investigation, then your Phoenix tax lawyer will be there to advocate your legal position and protect your taxpayer rights against the IRS.

We consider every possible alternative to reduce your tax liability, including an offer in compromise, release of wage garnishment, request for penalty abatement, lien and levy release, or determination of currently not collectible status based on unavoidable financial hardship.

The Pew Law Center, PLLC, can represent residents throughout Phoenix, Arizona. Some of the surrounding communities include Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe to name a few.

Phoenix Legal Professionals on Your Side

The moment you call, our team of professionals will respond to your inquiries in a dignified and respectful manner. No matter how long you have been struggling with the IRS or bill collectors, there is no shame or blame here at the Pew Law Center. We will help resolve all of your debt issues, so you can have peace of mind once again.

• We offer you a FREE VIP Bankruptcy or Tax Relief Consultation with an experienced Arizona attorney.
• We provide personalized tax and bankruptcy representation when you need it.
• We offer reasonable rates with manageable payment plans as part of our pre-bankruptcy planning service and tax relief service.
• We custom-tailor our services to your needs and circumstances.

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