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Professional Responsibilities of Bankruptcy Lawyers

Searching for the right attorney to represent you in your bankruptcy case may require an investment of time and effort on your part, but that time and effort will be well spent. You need to know that the legal team you choose is the best one for you, which is a very personal decision to make. Not only is good communication with your attorney essential, you also need to feel confident that your personal matter is being capably handled and that resolution of the issues will be managed quickly and competently.

The attorney-client relationship is a complex one. Bankruptcy attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Pew believes you will be well-served if you understand, first, that all bankruptcy lawyers in AZ must adhere to the state’s rules of professional conduct and, second, what those rules require. 

What Bankruptcy Lawyers in AZ Must Do for Their Clients:

•  They must represent the client zealously and ethically within the confines of the law.

At the Pew Law Center, our goal is to always provide exceptional customer service that exceeds client expectations.

•  They must be competent in their knowledge of the law and have the legal skill to handle the client’s legal matter.

Our firm’s focus is in the area of bankruptcy and tax relief – it is what we do each and every day of the week and we are very proud of our team’s level of expertise. We are exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled in the law of bankruptcy and debt relief and have helped over 2,000 clients eliminate over $100 Million in debt.

•  They must communicate matters to the client and keep the client apprised at all times.

We use innovative technology to ensure that our clients receive the best most prompt legal support possible throughout the bankruptcy process. At the Pew Law Center, no client inquiry goes unanswered!

•  They must act with reasonable diligence and promptness in all matters in the representation.  

The Pew Law Center is one of only a few law firms in the county to offer clients a 100% money-back guarantee. If the court does not accept your bankruptcy filing because of an error on our part, then we will refund 100% of your money, including the filing fee. That’s how confident we are in the quality and precision of our work.

•  They must keep privileged client communications confidential.

We have an excellent staff, all of whom are very knowledgeable of bankruptcy. They are trained specifically in the preservation of client confidences and protecting privacy of information.

•  They owe the client a duty of loyalty, and cannot represent another client with a conflict of interest.

We are a consumer-debtor law firm and our loyalty is to our Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 clients. We will never represent a creditor in any action against you!

•  They have a duty to safekeep the client’s property when in the attorneys’ possession and control.

Any original documents or personal property that you hand over to us for examination, if not immediately copied and returned to you, is carefully secured in our facility for safekeeping. In some instances, other  arrangements for storage may be made at an off-site storage facility. In all instances, property is returned to the client promptly either during the pendency of the case or immediately after the case is closed.

•  They must adhere to the client’s decisions and objectives, unless doing so would violate the law.

Attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Pew presents all bankruptcy options available to you given your unique financial circumstances. Once you have made an informed decision about the direction that you want to take, he will zealously represent you and strategize each aspect of your case for the best possible outcome.

•  They must never charge an unreasonable fee for the legal services provided.

The Pew Law Center’s bankruptcy fees are all flat rate, so that one fee covers everything. There will be no surprises – you won’t be charged again for every telephone call, email, photocopy, or fax. Instead, you will know precisely what your complete cost will be before the initial consultation is even over. Furthermore, we offer flexible payment schedules to suit every client’s budget.

What Obligations Must Clients Abide By?

Maintaining an effective attorney-client relationship is a team responsibility. The bankruptcy lawyers in AZ may withdraw representation from the client who does not abide by the following:

•  The client must be truthful and honest in all communications with the lawyer.

•  The client must cooperate with the lawyer throughout the case.

•  The client must appear at all legal proceedings involved in the case, including the First Meeting of Creditors.

•  The client must pay the lawyer’s fees as agreed in the retainer agreement. 

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Pew has been an awesome firm to work with. They are very sensitive, even through a bankruptcy that was complicated by a decision to divorce in the middle of it. They are rofessional and efficient, but equally personable and a joy to work with. I could not ecommend them more highly!

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