Let Us Work For You

Let us work on your caseAt Pew Law Center, PLLC, in the Phoenix area, we know what our clients need when they face tax problems with the IRS and other financial problems such as bankruptcy. We know how to help from day one.

Step One: Stop the IRS

For many of our clients, the most urgent need that they have is for us to stop the IRS from exercising aggressive tax collection tactics:

  • Tax audits
  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank account levies
  • Property liens
  • Seizure of assets

Step Two: Allow Pew Law Center to Take Over With the IRS

Our clients turn to attorney Lawrence “D” Pew with confidence when they realize that he knows how things are done at the IRS. He knows how to function as an effective intermediary on behalf of clients who are afraid to face the IRS on their own.

With Pew Law Center as your tax law firm, you will have a lawyer and advocate who will serve as an interface between yourself and the IRS in any tax audits. You will not have to face an IRS agent alone when Lawrence Pew is your tax attorney.

Audit Representation for Arizona Taxpayers

Many of our clients contact the law firm after they have received notification that an IRS audit will take place. Attorney Lawrence “D” Pew handles audit representation. With our counsel, they come to understand the hazards involved in trusting smooth-talking IRS agents who may seek to enter a client’s household or pry into personal matters. For these reasons, we steer our clients toward office audits over home audits.

We Can Negotiate Offers in Compromise

In many cases, we can persuade the IRS to accept our clients’ applications for abatement of penalties that go along with unpaid taxes. This may include working out an offer in compromise (OIC).

We Seek Not to Add to the Financial Woes of Our Clients With Unpaid Taxes

Do you think that you can’t afford a tax lawyer? Think again. If, for example, you owe $30,000 in unpaid back taxes, pay us a mere fraction of that and come out with a greatly reduced tax burden, a payment plan and protection of your freedom, you will come out way ahead. Pew Law Center offers payment plans to make our legal services affordable.

our attorneys working for youContact a Phoenix Attorney to Learn What We Can Do About Your Tax Problems

Pew Law Center awaits your inquiry regarding unpaid back taxes in Arizona. Call or e-mail us to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.