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June 21, 2017 Lawrence 'D' Pew

A Lower Tax Bill? Something Arizonans Can Look Forward to Next April

Arizonans can expect to pay a little bit less in taxes, come April 2018. Or we may even expect to get a little bit more back in that tax refund check. According to a report in Capitol Times, Governor Doug Ducey has signed legislation, which immediately boosts by $50, the amount of money that Arizonans can subtract from their earnings before calculating their taxes. That will show up on the 2017 tax forms made available early next year. Another $50 will be added to the “personal exemption” the following year and after that, the amount will be adjusted annually to match inflation.

What This Tax Cut Means

Arizona has five tax brackets, ranging from 2.59 percent for adjusted income for individuals up to $20,000 to 4.54 percent for those earning more than $150,000. The state uses an individual’s federal adjusted gross income as a starting point. However, state law allows a series of subtractions from that figure.

So, that list includes donations to college savings plans and military pay. And there is also that personal exemption at $2,100, a figure that has not been adjusted in many years. Governor Ducey, during his State of the State speech, called for that exemption to be indexed for inflation. The version he signed however includes that $100 boost over two years.

Strategies to Deal With Tax Debt

While any tax cut is welcome, this particular reduction in taxes won’t do much to lighten your financial burdens come tax time. If you are overwhelmed by tax debt, here are a few ways to deal with it:

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