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June 1, 2014 Lawrence 'D' Pew

Was My Miscarriage Caused by a Medical Malpractice?

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An expectant mother who suffers a miscarriage can be very traumatic. Typically, the delicate stage of a pregnant woman is during her first trimester. This is the trimester where a woman is more at risk of losing her child. There are other cases where a woman will lose her child later during her pregnancy.

A woman needs to make sure to take care of herself during this critical stage by consuming her prenatal vitamins, not lifting too much weight, and abiding by the doctors’ orders. A miscarriage can happen for a number of reasons that a mother can sometimes not control. There are other times where a miscarriage could have been caused by a medical professional’s negligence.

Losing a child before even having the opportunity to carry them is heartbreaking. A miscarriage can leave a mother traumatized for the remainder of her life. The firm in Tampa of Percy Martinez empathizes with mothers who have experienced a miscarriage. It is not easy learning that a woman becomes pregnant, tells all their loved ones about the new family member, and then having to tell them that the baby died. The mother has a legal right to sue if her miscarriage was caused by the physician’s negligence.

Why Do Miscarriages Occur?

A miscarriage can happen due to many factors. Below will be listed some causes for miscarriages:

These are some elements that can lead to a miscarriage, along with a doctor not providing the mother with support.

How Can a Miscarriage Become a Malpractice?

Sometimes, miscarriages are unavoidable. It is just nature taking its course. Other times, a miscarriage could be caused by a medical professional’s negligence. Below will be listed some ways a medical professional can attribute to a miscarriage:

Any woman who suspects that their miscarriage could have been prevented needs to seek the legal help of a medical malpractice attorney. A miscarriage is a horrible thing that a mother has to suffer and if it was caused by a medical professional’s negligence, the pain is even worse.

Medical Malpractice Caused My Miscarriage

A pregnant woman has the legal right to pursue action against medical professionals that could have been the cause of her miscarriage. A doctor must show the pregnant woman support and be delicate when treating her. Also, a medical professional should tell the woman who is visiting them that she is pregnant if she is unaware. Brian Hansen and his team of experienced medical malpractice lawyers are here to hold the negligent medical professionals liable for their actions which resulted in a mother’s miscarriage. To the firm, it is a sad moment in a woman’s life that deserves compensation for.


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