Pew Law Gives Back

Why Do We Do What We Do?

When Lawrence ‘D’ Pew founded the Pew Law Center it was with the goal of creating a firm that provided exceptional service and outstanding results to clients who were being worn down by their debts. After several years, and plenty of long work days, Mr. Pew has been able to see his and his team’s hard work come together. As the Pew Law Center has grown, it has become increasingly more important to Mr. Pew that he give back and support hard working students and struggling entrepreneurs, after all he has been both a hard working student and a struggling entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the nation and it’s economy, at the Pew Law Center we truly believe that. Because we believe in the impact that the entrepreneurial spirit can have we have begun backing projects on Kickstarter. For those who may be wondering, Kickstarter is a “crowd-funding” website where entrepreneurs and inventors can post their ideas with a goal of how much it would cost to implement the idea. If someone wants to support that idea they can pledge funding towards the goal amount and only if the goal is reached do they pay what they’ve pledged. So far we’ve successfully backed 4 projects! Congratulations to:

Team 696 Circuit Breakers – Clark Magnet High School’s robotics team

Tater Tot Designs – Creators of the FlatLight

RoBo 3D – Creators of the RoBo 3D Printer

Tarik Lazri – Creator of the Tough Hook


The Pew Law Center is proud to announce the Pew Law Scholarship program! We’ve connected with a few colleges across the nation, and even California Western School of Law, so that we can begin providing scholarship opportunities to the students who attend these colleges. At the Pew Law Center we feel that it is so important for everyone to gain as much knowledge as possible, that’s why we offer our clients “Bankruptcy Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know” and free consultations, to give them information and more knowledge about their options. We hope that, similarly, by offering these scholarships it will open new opportunities for students to gain their education and learn the skills necessary for their future careers. If you’d like to apply for one of our scholarship opportunities please go to our scholarship page! Currently we’re offering Scholarships to:

California Western School of Law

Community Support

It is important to Mr. Pew to support the community. As a native Arizonan he loves to give back to the community that he grew up in and actively looks for opportunities for himself and the Pew Law Center team to be involved.

We Strive To Offer The Best Customer Service

We are laser focused on “Consumer Protection.” Essentially every area of law that we handle is looking out for those who need us most.  If you’re in debt contact us to learn how we can help.  It’s a pretty small commitment when you consider what’s at stake: YOU… becoming Debt Free!

You can always visit our FAQ page to learn more about our firm and your options