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IRS Tax Problems

Do You Have IRS Tax Problems?

At the Pew Law Center, PLLC, we help private individuals and business owners, people just like you, who are being intimidated or threatened by the IRS’s aggressive collection tactics. When you need help with something as unsettling and frightening as tax problems can be, the last thing you need or want is a lecture. Here at the Pew Law Center, there will be no shame or blame.

Here are a few of the problems we help our clients resolve:

The Pew Law Center Can Help You

Business tax lawyer, Lawrence ‘D’ Pew, is the founder and managing attorney at the Pew Law Center, PLLC — a respected Phoenix area law firm. At Pew Law Center, we offer focused legal services to Arizonans seeking affordable resolution to their tax-related issues. We provide debt relief through bankruptcy as well and, very often, our clients rely on us to handle both bankruptcy and their IRS tax matters.

If you have the IRS calling on you. If you’ve received a notice of audit. If the IRS has begun collection of alleged back taxes by wage garnishment, bank levy, and asset seizure, then you need our help – and you need it right away! Once we have the emergency under control, we focus on helping you redeem yourself with the IRS. We then develop a plan that both minimizes the taxes owed and pays the IRS back.

FREE Initial Tax Relief Consultation • Affordable Rates • Manageable Payment Plans

FREE Initial Tax Relief Consultation. Do reach out for help and contact us. We will schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation for you. Pew Law Center has the legal sophistication to resolve both typical and atypical tax problems for those who come to us in need of assistance.

Every case is unique, so we examine each client’s particular facts and circumstances in detail during the fact-finding phase of the attorney-client relationship. With the goal of resolving your tax problems efficiently and reasonably, we then communicate our recommendations and tax relief strategy to you. We take the time, and put forth the effort, to ensure that your questions are answered and that you fully comprehend your legal options.

Affordable Rates. We offer you outstanding tax relief services at reasonable rates that you can truly afford. When you meet with a tax relief attorney at the Pew Law Center, all fees and costs will be explained to you in detail. There will be no hidden or surprise fees!

Manageable Payment Plans. We offer reasonable, very manageable payment plans as part of our tax relief service.


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With offices located in Mesa, the Pew Law Center, PLLC, serves residents in the metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, area and surrounding communities, including MesaScottsdaleChandlerGilbert and Tempe. We provide debt resolution, bankruptcy, tax relief, and tax preparation services to clients who need our protection from creditors’ claims, and from the collection efforts of taxing authorities and the IRS.

Contact a Phoenix Tax Lawyer for Advice and Advocacy.

For more information about the Pew Law Center, PLLC, contact our office to schedule a FREE consultation with a reputable tax relief lawyer. To speak with an understanding member of the Pew Law Center team, call (480) 745-1770 today.

Find out for yourself how our experienced bankruptcy legal professional can assist you. Call the Pew Law Center at (480) 745-1770 to schedule your free consultation.
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Pew has been an awesome firm to work with. They are very sensitive, even through a bankruptcy that was complicated by a decision to divorce in the middle of it. They are rofessional and efficient, but equally personable and a joy to work with. I could not ecommend them more highly!

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