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5 Reasons to Hire an Arizona Tax Attorney at the Pew Law Center, PLLC

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Do you need a release from IRS tax levy? Do you want to put an end to IRS wage garnishment? Do you need IRS tax audit representation? Do you have a 941 payroll tax problem? Do you have back taxes to pay? Do you believe you could be charged with a tax crime? If you answered in the affirmative to any of those questions, then contact the Pew Law Center immediately for legal advice and tax relief advocacy. Here are five reasons why you need representation from Arizona tax attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Pew.

1. An Arizona Tax Attorney Represents Clients Who Could Be Charged with Tax Crimes

Although most tax problems facing clients of the Arizona tax attorney team at the Pew Law Center involve civil tax matters, sometimes potential criminal charges will place a taxpayer in fear of federal trial and potential incarceration. Should the IRS accuse you of tax fraud or evasion, or if you believe that could potentially be the direction the government takes your case, then you have a very serious situation on your hands. If this is the position you find yourself in, then you need to seek representation now from Arizona tax attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Pew.

2. An Arizona Tax Attorney Cannot Testify about Privileged Communications

Do you want assurance that your tax professional will not be required to testify against you? Then you need an Arizona tax attorney from the Pew Law Center. The confidentiality of communications shared by the attorney and taxpayer-client are within the attorney-client privilege. That means that those communications remain confidential even when the IRS charges the taxpayer with a tax crime. Only your Arizona tax attorney is exempt from being forced to testify against you in a court of law if the IRS accuses you of criminal tax fraud. Other tax professionals – such as a certified public accountant (CPA) or enrolled agent (EA) – enjoy no such protection. The CPA or EA can be forced to testify against you about what was discussed during the tax representation.

3. An Arizona Tax Attorney Is a Trained Legal Advocate

An Arizona tax attorney is trained in legal advocacy, something that the CPA and EA are not. Consequently, the Arizona tax attorney will persuasively offer solutions that a non-attorney tax professional is untrained to provide and unable to fully strategize.

4. An Arizona Tax Attorney Is a Skilled Negotiator

You need an Arizona tax attorney with indepth knowledge and the negotiating skills necessary to secure the best possible results for you. Lawrence ‘D’ Pew is the Arizona tax attorney you need – he is a skilled negotiator and a recognized leader in the law of tax relief.

5. An Arizona Tax Attorney with Power of Attorney Faces the IRS for You

When you give your Arizona tax attorney, Lawrence ‘D’ Pew, power of attorney (POA) over your IRS matter, he can legally represent you, negotiate your position, and advocate your case in any written correspondence, verbal communication, or face-to-face meeting with the IRS. Furthermore, an Arizona tax attorney may represent you as attorney-of-record in a court of law in any tax case.

When you are contacted by an IRS agent about your unpaid back taxes, make sure to tell the revenue agent that you need to speak with your Arizona tax attorney before you start answering the government’s questions. If you tell the IRS’s representative that your Arizona tax attorney will be contacting the IRS as soon as possible to discuss your tax situation, then immediately telephone the Pew Law Center and schedule your free consultation with an experienced Arizona tax attorney.

When is it time to contact the most effective Arizona tax attorney in the Valley of the Sun? As soon as you believe there may be a tax problem with the IRS.

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