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What Should You Look For In An Arizona Tax Lawyer

Are you panicking because you just received an audit notice from the Internal Revenue Service? Has the Department of Revenue notified you of a serious problem with your tax return? There are many reasons to hire an Arizona tax lawyer to help you with a back tax problem. To find the best Arizona tax lawyer, Lawrence ‘D’ Pew discusses the qualifications and professionalism that you should look for.

What Should You Look for in an Arizona Tax Lawyer?

1. Look for a lawyer with whom you can communicate comfortably.

In your search for a qualified attorney, make sure that you take time to meet face-to-face with several candidates. You need to determine whether you feel confident and comfortable communicating with an Arizona tax lawyer before your commit to hiring.

At the Pew Law Center, attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Pew’s sincerity and down-to-earth style always puts clients at ease. He wants you to feel safe and confident, so you can talk calmly about the debt problems you are experiencing. Good communication is an essential component of a winning attorney-client relationship.

2. Look for a tax attorney who won’t charge you for the initial consultation.

Sometimes, an attorney will charge you for the initial consultation. This is to pressure you into a hiring decision before you’ve had an opportunity to thoughtfully reflect on what has been discussed. He or she hopes to dissuade you from meeting with another tax lawyer to compare credentials, services, and fees. Often, the lawyer who charges for the initial consult is hoping you’ll hire them simply because you’ve already made an investment in the relationship. But what service has that attorney really provided? Is your tax matter any closer to resolution?

The last thing you should do is make an important decision like hiring a lawyer without taking time to review, reflect, ask questions, and compare services!  We operate differently at the Pew Law Center — a troubled taxpayer who contacts us is always scheduled to meet face-to-face with attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Pew for a FREE Tax Relief Consultation.

3. Look for a tax lawyer with experience and prominent affiliations.

Whenever you meet with a lawyer, you should ask about the length of practice in their field. How many taxpayers has the attorney helped? What tax organizations is the attorney affiliated with?

Attorney Lawrence ‘D’ Pew has the requisite legal skills and experience that you need for the best possible results with your federal, state, or local tax issues. He is both a skilled negotiator and a recognized leader in the law of tax relief. As a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Mr. Pew is most qualified to represent you in your tax matter, no matter how complex the circumstances may be.

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The Pew Law Center provides the legal protection and advocacy you need in your back tax dealings with the IRS, Department of Revenue, and local taxing authority. Arizona tax lawyer Lawrence ‘D’ Pew offers unparalleled tax representation to residents throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area. Because the Pew Law Center also offers tax preparation services to our clients, you can get all of your tax matters remedied with a single experienced tax team.

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