Ten Frequently Missed Tax Deductions for Arizona Taxpayers (Part 1 of 2)

Even if you use an expert to help prepare your taxes for the IRS,  Arizonans should still keep an eye out for the top ten tax deductions and credits many people fail to claim. The first five are:

  1. State and local income tax: Forty-three states allow residents to deduct state and local income taxes paid on necessities like a home purchase. Because there are vast differences from state to state regarding these deductions, it is a good idea to consult with a tax professional before claiming any deductions.
  2. Work safety equipment and apparel: If you are expected to provide your own safety equipment at work, you can itemize the cost for these items as a deduction.
  3. Savings bond interest: Individuals who meet IRS income guidelines are not taxed on savings bonds used to pay college tuition or those placed in a Covedell or 529 college savings plan. Also, Series EE and I bond interest gains are not taxable until the bonds are cashed in or have matured.
  4. Caring for children: Child care tax credits include those for adoption, providing foster care or hosting an exchange student.
  5. Tax preparation fees and financial planning fees: These include money spent on tax preparation books and tax prep software as well as a visit to a live tax preparer. Fees for financial planning (but NOT commissions) are also deductible. Both fall under itemized deductions.

An understanding of the deductions and credits available to you can really help – legally – minimize your tax bill come April 15th. But bear in mind that many tax deductions and credits have complicated requirements and a qualified tax professional should be consulted.

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